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FAQ - General

1. What types of game can I expect to see?
Buffalo, White Rhino, Impala, Eland, Duiker, Kudu, Njala, Giraffe, Gemsbuck, Warthog, Sable, Zebra, Rooihartbees, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck and many more...

2. Bird Species?
White-Breasted Cormorant, Little Bittern, Greenbacked Heron, African Darter, Hammer-head, ducks, Egyptian Goose, Spurwinged Goose, Red-knobbed Coot, Black Egret, Eagles, Vultures, Falcon, Guineafowl, Redcrested Korhaan, Plover, Owls, Pigeons, Doves, Swallows, Hoopoe, Hornbill, Capped Wheatear, Cisticolas, Pipits, Shrikes, Whitebellied Sunbird, Sparrows, Golden Bishop and so forth

3. Are there any shops in close proximity to the estate?
Yes, in Northam, 20km away

5. What are the closest airports?
Pilanesberg, Lanseria & OR Tambo

6. Are the roads tarred or gravel?
There is a 6km gravel road leading from the main road to the estate. Plans by
Government to tar this piece of road is in the pipeline. All roads Roads on estate itself are also gravel.

7. Big 5?
Rhino, Buffalo & Leopard

8. What security is on the estate?
The perimeter has electric fencing with 24 hour security and access control at the gate

9. What are the rules and regulations?
Click here to download the Home Owners Associations Rules.

10. How many units will be on the estate?

There is provision for 50 units on 1Ha stands

11. Is hunting allowed on the estate?
No, but hunting packages are available on surrounding farms

12. Buying Options
Fractional or Full Title Ownership (see ownership section for more details)

13. Am I allowed to drive on the estate?
Only approved vehicles will be allowed to drive on the estate for the purposes of game viewing on designated thoroughfare roads.

FAQ - Fractional Ownership

1. Are there a cleaning service available
7 Days a week, full service - included in the levy

2. If I can't attend my week, am I allowed to send someone in my place?

3. What assets can Fractional Ownership be applied to?
Fractional ownership can be commercially applied to various luxury assets such as vacation property, boats, helicopters planes and now luxury cars. All fractionalised assets work on a similar structure, where you are purchasing shares in a company that owns the asset. You then have a usage agreement with the company for allocated use of the asset (according to your shareholding)

4. What does a Fraction cost?
R160,000.00 for 2 weeks usage per year on a rotating schedule.

5. How many shareholders in each property?

6. Who will be responsible for maintenance on my unit?
It is the responsibility of the Managing Agent