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Full-Titile Ownership
The estate comprises of 50 1HA stands. A variety of unit layouts are available with splash pools. Variations to unit layouts are allowed and can be discussed with the appointed architect. The purchase price for a 1HA stand is R650,000 of which R30,000 must be paid as a deposit to secure the purchase. Building packages to be negotiated with the developer.

Fractional Title Ownership
Fractional Ownership is a leisure property owned by a private company with more than one shareholder. This allows individual shareholders to enjoy all the benefits of owning a luxury holiday home at a fraction of the usual price.

Each shareholder is allocated 2 weeks usage per year. These time periods rotate on an annual basis, making it fair to all shareholders. For example, a property with 26 shareholders will allow two weeks usage per year per shareholder (52 weeks per year).

Shareholders enjoy usage rights typically associated with owning their own holiday home, yet the on-going maintenance and management burden is taken care of by a dedicated management company.

All running costs are shared between the shareholders, making fractional ownership an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of owning a luxury holiday home.

Fractional Title units are available at a cost of R160,000 for 2 weeks and work on a rotation basis.